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The free to play part of Hex will be the PvE.

There are many facets to PvE.

List of PvE Only cards[edit | edit source]

Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
Lady Cassandra Diamond 4 Troop DiamondDiamond Legendary 3 4 SOCKETABLE MAJOR
When you play a card, gain health equal to its cost.
Black Tiger 3 Troop Token 3 1 When this troop enters play, draw a card.
Moment of Glory Diamond 4 Quick Action DiamondDiamond Promo Target blocking or blocked troop you control gets +8 Attack/+8 Defense this turn.
DiamondDiamond: When one of your troops blocks or becomes blocked by a troop with Attack greater than its Defense, there's a 10% chance that you may play this action from your deck for free.
Ninja Training Blood 0 Basic Action Blood MagicBlood Magic Promo Draw cards equal to this action's cost.
Blood MagicBlood Magic [2], Reveal this action from your hand: Target attacking troop gets -1 Attack/-1 Defense this turn. This action gets permanent cost +[1].
Prospero, Sylvan Enchanter Wild 3 Troop Wild MagicWild Magic Legendary 2 2 At the start of your turn, create a [Tempest Strike] and put it into your hand.
Orson's Dream Wild 2 Troop Wild MagicWild Magic Promo 1 3 [X]:Transform this troop into a random troop that costs X. This troop retains this ability.
Raid Leader's Blessing 0 Constant Legendary At the start of your turn, gain 1 health.
Sacrifice this constant: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to target champion this turn.
Scourge Knight Blood 2 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic Legendary 2 1 When this troop attacks, each opposing champion buries the top two cards of his deck.
When theis troop is destroyed, put target troop from an opposing graveyard into play under your control.
Infected Zombie Blood 3 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic Promo 2 2 When this troop deals fatal damage to a troop, transform that troop into Infected Zombie and put it into play under your control.
Spectral Assassin Sapphire 5 Troop SapphireSapphire Promo 3 2 This troop is stalking _____. (as the game starts, this troop begins stalking a random troop in an opponent's deck)
When a troop being stalked by this troop enters play, you may play this troop for free. If you do, destroy that troop.
Spectral Lotus Garden 0 Artifact Legendary (You may not include this card in your deck.)

The first time that you login each day, this creates a [Spectral Lotus] and adds it to your collection.
Void Society Cognac Ruby 3 Basic Action RubyRuby Reward Target troop gets permanent "At the start of your turn, the champion with the most health gains control of this troop.
Chest'O Hex 2 Artifact Promo [1], Action: Create a random card and put it into the Chest'O Hex.

[X], Action, sacrifice this artifact: Remove the treshold from all cards in the Chest'O Hex and put them into your hand. (X is equal to the number of cards in the Chest'O Hex.)
Grave Robbing Blood 1 Basic Action Blood Magic Common Shuffle up to three target troops in any graveyard into your deck. Treshold on those cards becomes Blood Magic.
Princess Cory Diamond 6 Troop DiamondDiamond Promo 1 1 If Princess Cory is in your opening hand, she gets permanent +6 Attack/ +6 Defense. When Princess Cory deals damage to an opposing champion, create that many random Legendary troops and put them into play.
Wild Soul Wild 2 Quick Action Wild MagicWild Magic Uncommon Target troop gains +X Attack / +X Defense until end of turn, where X is your Wild threshold.
Chimera Guard Captain Diamond 2 Troop DiamondDiamond Rare 2 2 [Steadfast]
Whenever this troop deals damage to an opposing champion, it permanently gains +1 Attack / +1 Defense.
Void Breach Sapphire 5 Basic Action SapphireSapphire Legendary Each champion creates a copy of each troop they control and puts it into play.
Hallowed Fields Diamond 3 Constant DiamondDiamond When a non-Spirit troop you control is destroyed, transform it into a [Spirit] and put it into play under your control.
The Clone Zone Sapphire 5 Constant SapphireSapphire Reward When a troop enter play, all troops transform into a copy of that troop.
Fooo Manshroom Wild Magic 4 Troop Wild Magic Token 2 2 When this troop dies, target champion buries the top twenty cards of their deck.
Fungus Royale Wild Magic 4 Troop Wild Magic Token 1 1 At the start of your turn, put a random card from an opposing champion's hand into your hand.
Shroomador Dali Wild Magic 4 Troop Wild Magic Token 2 7 At the end of your turn, gain 2 health for each troop in play.
Spore Boss Fungoo Wild Magic 4 Troop Wild MagicWild Magic Token 4 4 Action, sacrifice a Shroomkin: Create a copy of another target Shroomkin and put it into play under your control.
The Shroomgarian Wild 4 Troop Wild Magic Token 1 1 When this troop attacks or blocks, it gets permanent +2 Attack/+9 Defense.
Void Marauder Sapphire 10 Troop SapphireSapphire Legendary 2 6 You pay [2] less to play this troop for each action in your graveyard.
When you play an action, you may play any number of actions with the same name in your graveyard without paying their costs.
Arena of Souls Blood Magic 3 Constant Blood MagicBlood Magic Promo When a troop you control dies, void it. Then, if five or more troops have been voided this way, sacrifice this constant and put those troops into play under your control.
Information Control Sapphire 4 Basic Action SapphireSapphire Promo Look at the top five cards of target champions deck. You may void any number of those cards, then put the rest back on top in any order.
D10 5 Basic Action Deal 1d10 damage to all opposing troops.
D12 3 Basic Action Gain 1d12 health.
D20 5 Basic Action Deal 1d20 damage to target champion.
D4 4 Basic Action Draw 1d4 cards.
D6 2 Basic Action Gain 1d6 temporary resources.
Nymph Groupie 2 Troop Token 0 1
Spirit 2 Troop Diamond Token 1 1 [Flight]
Cleave X Basic Action Deal X damage to up to two target Troops and/or Champions.
Tempest Strike Wild Magic 2 Quick Action Wild Magic Token Target troop gets +2Attack/+2Defense this turn.
The Crowd Roars! Ruby 3 Quick Action Ruby Promo When an opposing troop dies, this action's effect is permantly increased by +1 Attack/+0 Defense. This power is active in all zones.

Troops you control get +0 Attack/+0 Defense this turn.

The Wrath of Zakiir Ruby 7 Basic Action RubyRubyRuby Legendary You become a Dragon.
(You can only be attacked by troops with flight. You gain "[1 Charge]: Deal 3 damage to target champion or troop without Flight.")
Piranha Swarm Sapphire 4 Quick Action SapphireSapphire Create 4 [Ravenous Piranha] and put them into play blocking target attacking troop.
Spectral Lotus 0 Artifact Legendary When this artifact enters play, draw a card.
Action → gain <3/0>, gain three [Threshold], and return this to your hand. It irreversibly transforms into [Black Tiger]. This change persists even after the game ends.
Lightning Elemental Ruby 2 Troop Ruby Uncommon 2 1 [Swiftstrike]

When this troop deals damage to an opposing champion, charge your champion