Shards of Fate (set)

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Shards of Fate (set)
Shards of Fate (set).png
Symbol: Shards of Fate (set) symbol.png
Symbol Description: a hexagonal gem
Release Date: April 26th 2014
Set Size: 350

Shards of Fate is the first set of cards to be released in the unnamed first block of Hex and is the only card set released in Alpha and Beta. It consists of over 350 PvP cards and probably about 300 PvE cards.

Set Details[edit | edit source]

Themes and Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Set 1 focuses on four races: Orcs, Humans, Shin'hare and Dwarves. Each of these races has their own distinct flavour and playstyle.

Cycles[edit | edit source]

Escalation[edit | edit source]

Each shard has an [Escalation] card.

Incantations[edit | edit source]

Each shard has an incantation card. These constants gather counters when specific things happen in the game. After gathering a specific number of counters, the card and all other copies in the deck transform into another card.

[Incantation of Fear] [Maddening Nightmare]
[Incantation of Ascendance] [Lightning Armada]
[Incantation of Righteousness] [Sentinel of Light]
[Incantation of Savagery] [Feral Beast]
[Incantation of Fury] [Inferno Elemental]

Three Stage Transform[edit | edit source]

Each shard has a card that can transform twice.

[Ascetic Aspirant] [Enlightened Seeker] [The Transcended]
[Giant Caterpillar] [Giant Cocoon] [Giant Butterfly]
[Hop'hiro, Samurai] [Hop'hiro, Elite Samurai] [Hop'hiro, Samurai Warlord]
[Kindling Skarn] [Burning Skarn] [Hellfire Skarn]
[Eldon's Distress Signal] [Eldon the Imprisoned] [Eldon the Liberated]

Threshold[edit | edit source]

Each shard has common card with an effect based on how much threshold of that shard the player possesses.

Auras[edit | edit source]

Each shard has a quick Action with the word "Aura" in its name that grants a beneficial permanent effect to a targeted troop.

Keywords[edit | edit source]

The three (possibly) unique Keywords introduced and used in Set 1 are [Inspire], [Escalation], and [Rage].

Likely Evergreen keywords used in this set:

Cards[edit | edit source]

Artifact[edit | edit source]

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