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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Some cards have sockets. If you insert a gem in the socket and pay for the gem's costs, then you get the gem's benefits. For example, Rotting Knight is a 2/1 zombie that costs ③ resources and has Blood MagicBlood Magic thresholds. If you insert a white gem and you have a white threshold, then it becomes a 2/3 zombie. But if you insert a red gem and have a red threshold, then it becomes a 2/1 zombie with [Swiftstrike]. So you can customize socketable cards however you like.

You can find a complete list of socketable cards at Hex TCG browser and Hex card search engine.

Gems[edit | edit source]

There are currently 20 gems in standard format. They rotate every 2 seasons.

Blood Magic Gem.png
Diamond Gem.png
Ruby Gem.png
Sapphire Gem.png
Wild Magic Gem.png
Minor Blood Magic: [Speed] Diamond: +2Defense Ruby: [Deploy] - Create a valor and put it into your hand. Sapphire: [Basic] [1-shot] Cost 2 → Summon 2 dreadlings. Wild Magic: [Crush] and +1Attack.
Minor Blood Magic: This can't be blocked by troops with Attack less than this troop's Attack. Diamond: When this attacks, it gets [Flight] this turn. Ruby: [Swiftstrike] Sapphire: When you play an action, this gets +1Attack/+1Defense this turn. Wild Magic: [Skyguard] and [Steadfast]
Major Blood Magic: [Deploy] - You may sacrifice a troop. If you do, this gets +3Attack/+3Defense. Diamond: When you draw this, it gets -Cost 2 this turn. Ruby: [Double damage] Sapphire: [Deploy] - Create a random action with cost equal to or less than this card's cost that you meet the threshold requirements to play and put it into your hand. Wild Magic: [Deploy] - Create a random troop with cost equal to or less than this card's cost that you meet the threshold requirements to play and put it into your hand.
Major Blood Magic: When this attacks, underworld troops you control get +1Attack/+1Defense and [Lethal] this turn. Diamond: When this attacks, ready each ardent troop you control. They get +1Attack/+1Defense this turn. Ruby: When this attacks, draw a card. That card gets "At the end of your turn, if this is in your hand, discard this" this turn. Sapphire: When this attacks, target opposing troop gets -Attack equal to this troop's Attack until the start of your next turn. Wild Magic: When this attacks, gain [1/1].

Rules[edit | edit source]

For both PvP and PvE:

  • You cannot use more than 4 copies of each gems per deck.
  • You can insert major gems in minor sockets, but not vice versa.
  • If you don't pay the gem's costs, then you won't get the gem's benefits, but you can still play the card normally.
  • If you create a socketable card in battle, then it will have a random gem with your threshold.

For PvP:

  • You can change gems between rounds like you change reserved cards.

For PvE:

  • Some computers use different gems than we do.

References[edit | edit source]