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Queen of the Elven Court[edit | edit source]


Titania is a Primal who lives amongst the elves and other fey creatures in the Feralroot Woods. She resides in Aryndel Palace, which sits on the shores of the “genesis pool”, where all mortal life originated. She was married to Oberon for hundreds of thousands of years.

Two centuries ago, the Feralroot Woods was under constant assault from Underworld forces. Oberon was faced with a desperate choice: witness the destruction of the surface world, or make some kind of dramatic sacrifice that could possibly save his beloved Wood Folk.

In nearly one million years of life, Oberon had never observed a destructive rampage as the one being perpetrated by the Underworld. Thinking that only an unconventional solution could defeat the enemy, Oberon traveled to the Shadowgrove, the home of a coven of witches. After defeating Hecate, the leader of the coven, she agreed to help Oberon in exchange for her life.

Hecate assured Oberon that she had the capability of transforming Oberon from a mere Primal into a manifestation of Wild Magic itself. As a spirit of pure, raging nature, Oberon would finally have the power to expel the Underworld forces from his beloved woodlands. However, in order to provide the magical energy for a spell of such immense power, Hecate told Oberon that he would have to use the soul energy of an exceedingly rare and formidable creature. Oberon would have to murder a wild dragon and take its soul.

It was a horrific act to contemplate, one that conflicted with the essential nature of a Primal of the Wood Folk, but Oberon decided he had no other choice. Titania begged him not to commit this atrocity, insisting there had to be another way, but Oberon rebuffed her. He convinced himself that the sacrifice of one was justified to prevent the annihilation of the entire woodlands.

Oberon attacked a wild dragon named Tarsiim, a centuries-old beast that had once been Oberon’s friend. In an epic battle, Oberon slew Tarsiim, and used his soul energy to power Hecate’s spell. As promised, Oberon was transformed into a tempest of pure Wild Magic.

Now a fierce and tumultuous spirit of pure Wild Magic energy, Oberon was finally able to scatter the Underworld forces from the Feralroot Woods, at the cost of sacrificing the love of his wife, the trust of the Wild Dragons, and his existence as Primal of the Wood Folk.

Titania continues to serve in her position as Queen of the Elven Court. Though she understands the sacrifice her husband made, the centuries has not dulled her anger at Oberon for Tarsiim’s murder, and she still has yet to forgive her husband for his horrible choice.